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Fleet management solution LocTracker

Most companies which manage a vehicle fleet are looking for solutions to increase work efficiency and reduce transport operation costs.

What is that?
  • Real-time vehicle monitoring (provision of position, on-board computer and tachograph data).
  • Driving history (route, distance, driving time, change of fuel level, on-board computer and tachograph indications).
  • Reports on traveled distance and driving time.
  • Reports on consumed fuel (in accordance with fuel level in the tank and with on-board computer).
  • Operating / rest mode reports (in accordance with tachograph data).
  • Data provision from the in-vehicle computer (fuel, rotations, load on axes, tachograph, odometer).
  • Reports on downtime (comparison of started up engine and movement, calculation of downtime).
  • Assessment of the driver’s driving economy (“Eco driving”).
  • Reports on the parameters of the devices: engine operating time, temperatures, door opening, etc.
  • Forming travel sheets.
  • Report on visiting the objects / customers.
  • Recording violations of operating mode or movement trajectory.
  • Communication with the drivers via the system (sending messages and tasks and reception of replies).
  • Possibility to grant a monitoring permission to others.
  • The most detailed global maps.
  • Time cards – possibility to distinguish day-time and night-time driving, distinguish driven kilometers by countries.
  • Especially economical use of telecommunications resources.

It is an effective prevention means which enables reducing potential operational irregularities.

Why is it useful?
  • You will know where your vehicles are and what they are doing real-time.
  • You will reduce fuel costs.
  • You will increase the employee’s work efficiency.
  • You will use the vehicle fleet efficiently.
  • You will plan and control work in a more optimal manner.

Advantages of LocTracker
  • Experience – long-year work experience, communication with carriers from Lithuania and foreign countries determined the fact that the service and the generators thereof have received awards for innovations and implementation of cutting-edge technologies. The consumers speak about the service very positively.
  • Flexibility – have you got any ideas on how to improve the system or any specific needs? Tell us. We implement good ideas.
  • Functionality – the system is characterized by a large variety of functions and integration with other systems.
  • Constant updating of the system – the system is being developed in an extremely dynamic way. All updates are presented to the users free of charge.
  • Customer service 24/7 – call us and we will reply to your questions.
  • Expedition – you will be able to use the system sooner than you expect.
  • Pricing – transparent, attractive and clear pricing.